Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Dwarfs

So a friend of mine asked if the Grim Dark Chaos Dwarfs were going to be used for Warhammer Fantasy before I got them based up, I thought even though they are not I have a few things that would be and my nostalgia switch was well and truly flipped.
So although no big hats have been painted yet I took a break from the Legion/GDCD and the AoS28 style to go a bit more Eavy Metal again…

…really enjoyed painting this face, my Fantasy collection is more of a Skirmish force than an army so I like that I can take a bit more time on these and keep the quicker grittier style of painting the big old Forgeworld army.
I also really enjoy mixing up these styles of painting, keeps me from getting bored and keeps me interested in each project, the trick will be keeping only a few.

As a side note although I’ve had these minis previously a very long time ago and know the history of Chaos Dwarfs creating the Black Orcs for stronger slaves I never noticed the bull insignia on their swords, although probably not a nod to Hashut and more likely a icon of The Goffs I think? :thinking: I still thought it was interesting enough to write about.

Short version of the above… Oh look a bull!!