Warploque Miniatures

Warploque Miniatures was one of the first miniature companies to grow out of Chaos Dwarfs Online, namely from our member WarplockMonkey and his sculpting. Their range do not sport any evil dwarves yet, but contain a plethora of odd models of interest to various armies.

For instance, Warploque’s Undead Raiders sport an amount of Undead Pirates (especially on store page 2), foremost of which is their Undead Leviathan:

@Habitual_Lurker , your friend may want to check out Warploque’s undead range.


My goodness, that thing is monstrous. He’s going to love it. Thanks mate!

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This company do some great models. I love the comical nature of many of their miniatures-so much character. I have a buch of jungle gremlins for my (recently enslaved) forest goblin army.


Great lookin undead there!

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