We most likley won't get new toys for The Old World/AOS

The title says pretty much for itself, I haven’t seen anybody posting it here but I feel like its worth looking at

A couple of days ago there had been added a new post on WHF’s Reddit which contains a quick summary of a little Q&A from Warhammer fest one of WHF discord member published

And from what’s been stated chaos dwarfs aren’t getting anything else than rules for at least a few years at all - which also may or may not mean that we aren’t getting anything for AOS as well

To be honest old world isn’t going to support all of the factions and it will focus on a single period in time, there is a lot of uncertainty along the topic so we need to wait for more answers

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It’s normal for us to be left out in the cold. That is when we have developed the habit of flourishing creatively and make do with creations of our own, a habit which then carries over without missing a beat into the warm moments when official support with new miniatures do exist. Business as usual. :smile:


We survived in the days of only being able to make conversions of dwarfs, we’ll survive in the current days of 3D printers and whole army ranges of non-GW evil dwarf models.

The rules are what matter most, and Total War has put the army fairly heavily on the forefront of Warhammer for the time being, which is more pressure on GW to continue with the army.


I don’t even consider this bad news.
It’s not like we had no models to choose from, but having the rules to test if TOW is any good even with CDs from the start, is nice.

More important is probably that we know that there are no models coming worth planing for for years. This is what annoyed me the most when GW startet keeping everything secret (back then under Kirby) – you couldn’t plan your projects because some marketing responsibles imagined that people spend more buying on impulse.
Having some tranquillity from GW’s side for half a decade is something I can very much live with.


CDs as community are immune to GW production. Has been this way for the last 25 years, and being part of it for the last 12 or so, i can only confirm this even harder lol
we will get something, if not, it’s still ok
what we’d like is some playable rules to be able to play with other people out there
its not even necessary ahuahuahuahu


In 2021 we got Dominion, Hobgoblins and clear references to Age of Sigmar Chaos Dwarfs.

In 2022 we got Horns of Hashut confirming that Hashut as a concept is almost totally intact.

Throughout both we’ve had rumours, from sources that were correct about other stuff, that a full plastic range is coming to this edition of Age of Sigmar.

In 2023, we got an official DLC that comprehensively delivered a fusion of old and new, returned 1994 characters directly, retconned NOTHING, and which our community was so influential for that representatives were directly invited to celebrate with the developers. That DLC has generated millions of new fans and by every metric CDO is larger and more active as a result.

I can see how cut up about TOW people are, but the biggest event coming up for the community was the DLC and is now the Age of Sigmar plastic range.

We will have new minis very soon! We will all have to debate how we feel about them and accomodate lots of new AOS players!

Besides which, what were the odds that TOW would be better on launch than any of the decade old, finely tuned and balanced games like WAP and T9A anyway?


Man, I hope so, they have been teased for AOS for such a long time now, but I don’t think it’s gonna be soon at least I can’t see them coming until 4th edition drops, and definitely not before the new Cities of Sigmar
The new TW dlc is our biggest success at breaking into the mainstream, GW isn’t that stupid to just drop such an occasion and do nothing…I think.


but they my reprint some oop chorfs as a made to order


I think it’s more likely that the Forge World chaos dwarfs will come back full time. I think the 90s chaos dwarfs are less likely to come back as m2o but it is plausible.


They consistently charged more than the actual market value for recent made to order items. Even if that happens, I don’t see where this becomes an attractive offer.

I‘m in @Kuanor‘s camp here. No chorfs means they are not going to declare war on all the third party suppliers for the time being.


They’re not that good at declaring war anyway. I dealt with a necrons issue last year where they basically only managed to delay an STL set for minor modifications.


We survived with the two page ravenwing hordes rules for years so just the confirmation that we will be back in the old World is enough for me even if it is a similar as before




never considered this to be a possibility…could be very cool…

Yes Haiden! Definitely see this as ravening hordes 2: daemonic boogaloo

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Ravening Hordes 3, we weren’t in Ravening Hordes 1. :wink:

Feel like this thread title is misleading, TOW yes - AOS no. I see no evidence that the imminent AOS range is impacted. It’s easy to forget how much we were teased in the Dominion launch event, but pepperidge chitz remembers