Wednesday Hobby Hangout!

Every Wednesday night were hosting Hobby Hangouts on the Discord channel.

Just join the Wednesday Hobby Hangout channel, to chat while you hobby!

I’ll be hosting the timeslot in the Americas staying at 8pm Eastern time. We also will have other hosts in various other time zones.

This will be my third consecutive week. And if possible I might try to broadcast from Adepticon next Wednesday too!

Hobbying can be a lonely enterprise, so why not do by for a chat!

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Where can we see when the respective timeslots for the time zone areas are?
A few times I actually did remember that it was Wednesday, but it always seemed between the slots (it was around this time or later, I’d guess).

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I think Jasko was trying to lead the European time slot. But I didn’t see him online today. I’ll be going online in just over 3 hours.

It’s tough for people to commit to every week. I’m doing my best for my time zone, and you’re welcome to lead up any time period you like!

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I’m same time zone as @Jasko, was referring to this one. ^^
Maybe it could be a measure to set an approx. timeslot, and then, in addition there would be people leading. Or is there a usual one one could look up somewhere?

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The usual one should be 8pm GMT+1 for Europe. :+1:

Great hangout tonight!

Made lots of progress on my hobgrotz.


8 PM in USA Eastern on a wednesday is 10 AM in Sydney on a Thursday. I’m never going to remember that

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