Welcome to CDO

Welcome to Chaos Dwarfs Online, the world’s largest and most committed fan group dedicated towards celebrating Chaos Dwarfs, Infernal Dwarfs, Abyssal Dwarfs and generally anything short, bearded and unashamedly evil.

This is the heart of our community, the forum, where our most treasured army showcases, fan made fiction and lore, artwork and culture projects are created, housed and continuously updated. We also have an active presence on Instagram , Twitter, Facebook and a Discord channel where we invite you to come and get involved as well.

This site has a history going back around 15 years and has been the premiere home for chaos dwarf fans over the entirety of its existence. We recently moved from our original forum, which had served us admirably for many years, and began again on this fantastic new platform. Over time we are taking the best content from the original forum and archiving it here so new generations of chaos dwarf fans can explore our history and tradition of conversion, sculpting, writing and painting.