[WFB 8th] 13500pts Triumph & Treachery

While going trough my old blog I found this massive T&T battle from 2014. :slight_smile:

Played a game of Triumph and Treachery yesterday, great fun. And the rules worked better than I would have thought. Here are som misc photos form the battle, which I lost sadly…

13500pts on the table seemed a lot, but doable. So we decided for a future game of 10000pts Greenskins vs 10000pts Chaos Dwarfs, sometime 2015 I assume.


That must have been an epic battle! I’d like to see such a battle… I might have to actively look for players in my area!

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Jupp, we had a few like that which were all great fun. Had a massive 10.000 vs 10.000 pts as well before I sold of that army, Chaos Dwarfs vs Chaos.

Looks incredible! That’s a massive amount of painted models. Have had a few games with about 6000 pts total on the table over the years. But that doesn’t even come close to this.

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