[WFB 8th] Lore of Hashut magic cards by Veshnakar

A while back, Veshnakar was so nice to design and upload magic cards for the Lore of Hashut from the Legion of Azgorh in the Tamurkhan rulebook on the MyBB forum.
I finally came around to give them a first test print, greyscale on regular paper, to see if the alignment I prepared in Photoshop worked. It did more or less, but needs a little improvement. Still, finally I nicer way for me to have my spells in order. And since a total of 8 cards are printed on two pages, there is room to print the signature spell twice.
This is also welcome occasion to plug this great topic from the other board, lest it be overlooked by new members and is forgotten.


I used these as well, printed colored versions and laminated. Served me well through the years!

I moved them to the new forum.


Thanks for moving the thread to the proper place :+1: