[WFB 8th] WAP "Chaos Dwarf" army lists

In this thread you can post and discuss army lists for Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition using the Chaos Dwarfs army list from Mathias Eliasson’s Warhammer Armies Project.
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So. Ive painted up a lot of blunderbuss chaos dwarves now, i have more to paint too.
The rules are d3 s3 shots move or fire 12" range. To me im thinking goblin short bows are probably better with volley fire. 12" range means id probably only get to fire once in a game before they are charged.

I assume only 2 ranks get to shoot as well. They are seeming pretty terrible to me. Hopefully im wrong because they look great!

Crossbows seem to be the way to go instead or use them as thise other 18"guns by the masked guys.

Anyone else any thoughts on this?

I have never played my cds yet btw.

Well, yes and no.
Yes, longer range and volley fire means you can dish out more shots, that’s true. But once you’re in the 12" range of the Blunderbusses, this changes dramatically. Blunderbusses don’t get a -1 to hit modifier for their multiple shots D3, so that’s just a bonus. And they are quick to fire and also don’t get a -1 to hit modifier for stand and shoot. Quick to fire is important here, cause it means you can make a stand and shoot reaction even if your opponent is only 1" away. So you’re likely to get two rounds of shooting, the first when your opponent moves into charge distance, the second is stand and shoot. With 20 Devastators in two ranks that’s up to 60 shots hitting on a 5+ (probably long range, but rejoice if your enemy fails his charge or so and moves within 6") on a stand and shoot, so 20 hits. If you want 20 hits by Hobgoblin Archers in a stand and shoot, you need 100 Archers (in ranks with 10 models each and the opponent within 12", otherwise you need 120…). Sure, with Multiple shots you can also end up with only 20 shots, but your opponent will still think twice before charging the unit. They are great to hold a flank and basically erect kill-zone 12" around them.
Plus, and that is also huge, they are much tougher, fight better and don’t run as easily as Hobgoblins (or succumb to animosity)

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