WFB6th First Time Big Hats!

Hi All.

First time posting and First time Chaos Dwarf player. Always wanted an army and not in the age of 3D printers I can finally get my Big Hat army!
6th ed Fantasy also seems to have a big revival here in Australia, so that got me in the mood for some square bases and ranks and flanks fun!

I’d love some comments on the list from experienced worshipers of Hashut!
How’s the list? Terrible?! What should I swap in and out? What lores of Magic should I look at?

Looking to make something that’s an all commer style of army, model restrictions are not an issue as I’ll be printing the army.

Sorcerer Lord - Lvl 3 Lammasu (390)

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - Lvl 1 Dispel Scroll (90)

Bull Centaur Hero - Heavy Armour. Gauntlets of Baz the Cruel (128)

16 Warriors - Shield, Full Command, (174)

16 Warriors - Blunderbusses, Full Command, (222)

16 Warriors - Blunderbusses, Full Command, (222)

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (110)

10 Hobgoblin - Bows (50)

18 Black Orcs - Additional HW, Full Command (249)

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30pts

Earthshaker Cannon 110pts

9 Bull Centaurs - Full Command (225)

Total: 2000pts


Welcome to the forum! Good choice in army and edition :smile:

The only glaring issue I see is the Gauntlets on the BC hero. It’s fine if he’s on his own but I assume you’re putting him with the rest of the unit, and if so BCs are too expensive to risk him hitting them. You can just give him a Sword of Might if you want the +1 S, or a great weapon if you want to save points.

For general thoughts -

  • It’s generally worth it to level up your sorcerers, particularly if you’re going for a magic-heavy list like this. You want those extra power dice so you can really dominate in your turn or they may not make their points back.
  • 20 is kind of the de facto standard unit size in 6th. You don’t have to take that obviously but keep it in mind when making your unit. If you go less than that your opponent will probably outnumber you unless they are elites, and if someone is taking more they are usually chaff. In this case I’d recommend 20 for your standard warriors so they are on equal footing. 16 is a good number on blunderbusses though as it gives you 3-4 ranks depending on how you deploy them and you’ll get their S5 shots.
  • Bolt throwers will hit at best every other turn and they won’t always even have a target available. If you can take 2 you’ll have a better chance at making a good shot.
  • If you’re hurting for points you can drop some of the command or a few models on a blunderbuss unit or a BC model. Whichever unit you’re going to put the foot sorcerer in probably just needs a musician since you don’t want him engaged in close combat anyway. The Lamassu also chews up a ton of points but monsters are always fun.

As for lores of magic each one has it’s uses and certain ones are more helpful against certain opponents so you’ll pick that before each battle.

You have a very mobile force here with the wolf riders, BCs, and Lamassu! That’s a big part of what makes CDs stand out compared to Vanilla Dwarfs. Best of luck with it!


I agree with virtually everything flagellant04 says. With magic, you really need to upgrade the wizards. Level 1 wizards work in some armies, but you really need to upgrade them to cast with any decent ability.
I definitely recommend taking 2 bolt throwers. They are only 30pts each and 2 can take up one slot. I found taking two and deploying them in different parts of the table mean you usually end up having a good target to aim at.
I’ve not tried a Lammassu before, but I’ve had great fun with a lord on a great taurus, so I’m sure it’ll be just as interesting!
PS Hello to a fellow Aussie Chaos Dwarfer!

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