[WHFB/AOS] Thus Spoke Xarathustra Pt 2

Hold fast. Only when the time is right, will you step forward.

You stand above all others, Dawi Zharr. You are the inheritors of great culture and the architects of great invention. Behind you stretches the foundations of tradition and strength of will. Ahead of you, is all that you have yet to complete.

Where the Norscans over extend themselves and kill with reckless abandon, you bide your time and build. Where the beastmen devolve further into savagery, you rise up from civilisation. Where the Skaven bicker and stab one another in the back, you are united in your cause.

Malice is your art and cruelty is your tool.

Your detractors claim that you are a cumbersome beast, content to remain in his cave; slow to react to a threat or take an opportunity should it arise. They do not see what you see. They cannot comprehend the labyrinthine visions and centuries of planning that are behind your every move. And move you shall - when the time is right.

And they shall remember, that where others break upon their enemies like the sea upon the sand, that no Dawi Zharr has ever stepped back once he has set his mind to stepping forward.

Where ever your iron shod boots plant into the ashen earth, you claim as your land, never to be surrendered.

And when they come, as they will for they covet your wealth and envy your achievements, you shall hold fast and be the wall that protects your cities.

These lesser races that dare to draw upon the same air as you shall be cast down by your blades. They will bow before the might of the Dawi Zharr and beg for mercy before the end.

The Father of Darkness will drink their blood, feed upon their flesh and gnaw upon their bones. Their bodies shall be as a coal in your engines and sustain the fires of your civilisation for another day. And, when the time is right, you shall take another step forward.

Thus spoke Xarathustra.


Aye! Thus it is. Praise Hashut.

Excellent writing and really nice artwork!

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