[WHFB] Apostate of Hashut

Here’s my entry for Artisan’s Contest XXIX:

Among the Dawi Zharr, few fates are more dreaded than serving in the Legion of Azgohr; Apostates of Hashut are one of them. This punishment is reserved for the greatest sinners in Dawi Zharr society; as a mark of shame they are shaved an a helm is welded shut over their head. Inside the helm are carved runes which drive the Apostate insane, whipping them into a frenzy when a command word is uttered. Their hands are amputated and axe heads are bolted through the wrist bones. A granite tablet upon which 12 of the 144 Strictures of Hashut are carved is implanted into their chest and segmented paldrons are pinned through their collar bones. Finally their feet are placed in iron hoof boots which are riveted into place. Apostates spend their remaining lives in morose introspection while out of battle, lapsing into bouts of misery, their growing rage and insanity shackled by the runes they are forced to stare at constantly; when the command word is uttered by their handlers, fanatical warrior priests known as the Apostles of Hashut, their anger is unleashed and they burst into action, lashing out at anyone or anything in range, until their Apostle utters another command word to once more contain their unholy bloodlust.


Love the drawing and the lore is fantastic. Tempted to make some myself now.

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Very well-made and atmospheric picture and cool story!

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Loved your entry and the story.
Just have a few sanitorial misgivings but…

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Thanks; I’m sure they have slaves to deal with the sanitation issue.