[WHFB] Headache

For the shiny, the skull will crack, a headache then. A lying tongue is to be pierced with an awl and the lungs are to be filled with sand. The Chatty One is lying with his belly cut open and a rat in his salted guts. Pilferer, that knife wasn’t yours! The Strong One was picking his nails with it, now get used to your stump. The Weak One has a brand on his back, the Golden Calf is chained in these shackles. The Stupid One has become the dinner of a strange beast, that breathes with fire and reeks of rotten flesh. Hey! Keep your eyes open and look behind your back more often. You have sooo many good friends, don’t you?

Your head still hurts? Well, someone throw a stone!


Exquisite! True Hobgoblin poetry. With a marvellous drawing to boot. There is so much life in both art and text. Welcome aboard Chaos Dwarfs Online, great to see you here as well. :smile:


Wonderful Hobgoblin imagery and story…deceit, retribution, consequences and wickedness.
Ah, I love Hobgoblins :heart:
Hashuts Chosen :taurus1: