WHFB Ravening Hordes Errata/FAQ

I refer to this for almost all questions regarding Ravening Hordes so I figured I should just make it available here! Enjoy!

Chaos Dwarfs (Ravening Hordes Army List)
Direwolf FAQ v6.04

Q. What is the correct description for Blunderbusses?

A. P.32: Blunderbuss rules. The last two sentences should be changed from “Hits are resolved at S3 if firing in 1 rank, S4 if firing in 2 ranks and S5 if in 3 or more ranks. Ranks must be complete to count.” to “Hits are resolved as S3 plus 1 per extra rank up to S5. Ranks count if at least 4 wide. A single character in the front rank will not effect the unit’s fire.”

S. US White Dwarf #258 page 40


Q. How exactly do Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses work with the Stand and Shoot charge reaction?

A. The rules are applied exactly as with any other unit. If the chargers start within 12" then any models within 12" may be hit. If the chargers are outside 12", the charging unit is stopped at maximum range as normal, and so in this case only the front rank of the charging unit will be in the zone of fire.

S. Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 120


Q. Do Blunderbuss units need line of sight and range to a declared enemy target unit in order to shoot?

A. Yes, as no exceptions to the main rulebook requirements for these items are listed in the Blunderbuss special rules. Note however that all enemy models caught in a Blunderbuss unit’s ‘fire zone’ will be hit as normal, regardless of whether or not they belong to a enemy unit which the Blunderbuss unit has LoS to.

S. Ravening Hordes page 32 / Rulebook page 58


Q. Do enemy characters / champions hit by a Blunderbuss unit’s ‘fire zone’ receive a Look Out Sir! roll (provided there are five or more rank and file models in the unit with them)?

A. Yes. This falls under “other missiles not governed by the normal target restrictions (concerning characters)” as stated in the Look Out Sir! section of the Rulebook.

S. Rulebook page 100


Q. Can you fire Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses if there is a friendly unit in combat with an enemy in the same fire zone?

A. No.

S. Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 120


Q. Is a Blunderbuss unit allowed to shoot if the ‘fire zone’ will cover friendly models not engaged in close combat?

A. No.

S. Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 120 / Direwolf FAQ Council


Q. Can you Killing Blow a Bull Centaur?

A. No. Refer to the Direwolf Special Rules FAQ for details.

S. Rulebook pages 112 and 113 / Anthony Reynolds – Warhammer Design Team / Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation.


Q. If the special ability of the Dark Mace of Death is used against a character on a monstrous mount or in a chariot, how are the wounds distributed?

A. If a target is riding a monster or chariot, then both the rider and the monster or chariot take D3 wounds, with no armour saves allowed.

As this question is not specifically answered by the Rulebook, the Direwolf FAQ Council has used the detailed description of the Tomb Kings magic weapon, The Destroyer of Eternities, which states “If a target is riding a monster or chariot, then both take two automatic hits.” in conjunction with the answer given in Warhammer Chronicles 2004 that ‘both the Character and the Mount/Chariot take a wound/hit’ from magic spells which cause a wound/hit to each model to arrive at this answer.

S. Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation / Tomb Kings Army Book page 36 / Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 115


Q. What is the correct number of crew for Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers?

A. P.33: Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower entry. Change the Unit Size rule from “1 War machine with 3 crew” to “1 war machine with 2 Hobgoblin crew”.

S. US White Dwarf #258 page 40


Q. Are Flying moves affected by the Earthshaker’s special rules?

A. Yes. The Earthshaker’s description states “Any troops within this distance in inches from the centre of the template move at half rate in their next turn…”. No
exceptions for flyers are noted.

S. Ravening Hordes page 32 / Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation


Q. Do Chaos Dwarfs benefit from the Dwarf special rules of ‘Ancestral Grudge’, ‘Relentless’, and starting with a base of four dispel dice?

A. No. Chaos Dwarfs are a separate race from Dwarfs and do not benefit from these special rules.

S. Ravening Hordes page 32


Q. Are Chaos Dwarfs players suppose to use the Orcs & Goblins Army Book?

A. Yes. In US White Dwarf #250 on page 11 it states:

Ravening Hordes - Chaos Dwarfs

The new Orc & Goblins Army book completely replaces the list in Ravening Hordes. However, dedicated Orc & Goblin armies are not the only ones to employ the Greenskins in battle. The Chaos Dwarfs also use them and, as the complete rules are now out, it will be good to use them for the Chaos Dwarf’s slave troops, too. To do this you’ll obviously need both Ravening Hordes and the new Orc & Goblins book. The following changes bring the list up to date:

  • Replace the Special unit entries in Ravening Hordes for the Orc Boyz, Goblins and Black Orcs with the following army list entries from the Orc & Goblin Armies book:
    – Goblins
    – Orc Boyz
    – Orc Arrer Boyz
    – 0-1 units of Black Orcs.

  • One unit of Orc Boyz may be upgraded to Big’Uns as per the normal rules in the book. All these units count as Special units in the Chaos Dwarf army.

  • Delete special rule 5 about Orcs ignoring panicking Gobbos (this is replaced by the full rules from the book)

  • Troops described in the Orc & Goblin book follow the rules there rather than the shorthand versions in Ravening Hordes.

  • Hobgoblins suffer Animosity just as a unit of Goblins would in the Orc & Goblin book. This replaces the animosity rule in Ravening Hordes (special rule 3).
    S. US White Dwarf #250 page 11


Q. May Greenskin units in the Chaos Dwarf army use the magic banners from the Orc & Goblin army book?

A. No they may not. Greenskins in a Chaos Dwarf army are not part of a free Orc and Goblin Waaagh!, they are slaves and do not have access to the magic banners in the Orcs & Goblins book. Note however that due to the White Dwarf update (see Q&A above) a unit of Orc Big 'Uns and Black Orcs may carry the magic banners available to the Chaos Dwarf army (e.g. The War Banner and The Banner of Slavery).

S. Ravening Hordes page 32 / US White Dwarf #250 page 11 /Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation


I can complement with the image file of the WD250 update regarding O&G troops posted here: https://chaos-dwarfs-uploads.s3.dualstack.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/original/2X/8/8c42b0843a65162f5b337a12b3890a6b71cc5883.jpeg

If I knew how to upload it on the server, I also have the chaosdwarfs_6e_faq in pdf format on my computer.


Awesome! If it isn’t many pages you could also just take some screenshots and post those

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Here it is in image form, very short as you can see:


What if the chargers are angled before the combat alignment? If they stop at the extreme range of the blunderbusses and aren’t square to them does that mean only one model is hit and not the entire front rank?

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I kinda like 5th Ed. Rules for blunderbuss better. Waiting till the last second to fire and getting d6 attacks per model In The front rank is sweet

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So, re-reading both the FAQ and the core rules it states:
Core rules p. 53, Charge Reactions:
“…work out fire from enemies who stand & shoot before moving chargers. If the chargers are out of missile range at the beginning of their charge then work out missile casualties at the maximum range of the weapon.”
“If the chargers are outside 12”, the charging unit is stopped at the maximum range as normal…"

I would interpret that as meaning that blunderbusses are fired “at their maximum range”, meaning individual models would only fire when something entered 12", just as a model armed with a shortbow would only fire against an angled charging unit when an enemy got within 16" of him instead of automatically missing shots. The clarification that “only the front rank of the charging unit will be in the zone of fire” I think reinforces that interpretation.

The concentrated fire/stand-and-shoot rules are much better in 4th/5th but I can’t get over move-or-fire. You can never be proactive and move to take a good shot, only when the enemy leaves themselves in front of you. It appears that 6th’s changes are an effort to stay in line with core stand-and-shoot rules.


I get you, I guess that makes sense. And is that only models that enter the fire zone or the entire front rank regardless? Move and fire is great. Gotta keep moving to maintain a battle line, But I’d take the 5th Ed rules. The stand and shoot is crazy!

If the unit is wider than the firezone, you only hit as many in the front rank that would fit in the firezone, not the entire front rank.

I suppose I would hit the front rank of however many columns would end up in combat at the end of the charge.

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