WHFB: Thirsting Altar

Why are you here? Mortal, birthed in pain and blood. Plaything of capricious gods. Mortal, raised on hardship and toil. Worshipper and sacrificer. Mortal, doomed to strife and wasting death. Bloodstained priest and screaming victim. Know that all the world is an altar of death, ever yearning for the bloodletting of the living, running red and slick with the savage lifeblood of untold tribes.

Know your duty, mortal, and fulfill your reason for being: Wage war in the name of your gods, honour your kin and slay your foes. Know the very cause of your existence: Go forth, mortal, and die.

Kislev Tzar Guard I

“No point throwing punches after a fight.”

- Kislevite proverb

Kislev Tzar Guard II

“If you know too much, you will get old very quickly.”

- Kislevite proverb

Kislev Tzar Guard 03

Kislev Tzar Guard III

“The eyes are afraid but the hands are still doing it.”

- Kislevite proverb


These are fantastically stark, i love the textures on the armour. But I really find myself captivated by the slightly misty and faded-looking backgrounds!


@Habitual_Lurker : Thank you most kindly! Warms my heart to hear.

Kislev Tzar Guard IV

“One cannot have two deaths, but you cannot avoid one.”

- Kislevite proverb


These are really beautiful, Admiral, a joy to behold.


@Freakshow668 : Thank you kindly! You can find all works in this Deviantart gallery, by the way.

Kislevite Tzar Guard V

“Make a fool pray to the gods and they will smash their own forehead.”

- Kislevite proverb

Kislevite Tzar Guard VI

“Curious Varvara had her nose snatched at the market.”

- Kislevite proverb

Kislevite Tzar Guard VII

“A bad dancer blames his testicles.”

- Kislevite proverb


“You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What day you in your defence?!”

Great work Matte. Awesome illustrations


@Oxymandias Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I really love these illustrations. If I one day tackle my Kislev project, they sure will come in handy as sources of inspiration. By the way, is there any official illustration of them aside from the one classic conversion Tuomas did for WD?