Wholesome AF - My Daughters Doll’s House

Hey all,

Not wargaming or chaos dwarf related but a kind of hobby “adjacent “ project.

Before my little girl was born, my wife found a vintage doll’s house in a charity shop and fell in love with it. She was hesitant to buy it. We had sadly lost a pregnancy before we luckily fell pregnant the second time with my Isobel but she was very worried about getting anything for a child as at that early stage she felt like it was bad karma or “jinxing it” or something. I encouraged her to buy it, being the optimistic bastard I am, and told her when her little girl was old enough, we could decorate the doll’s house.

We’ve stored this massive object for nearly 4 years!

Our little girl is now old enough and this Christmas she will find out that Santa’s elves have built and decorated a doll’s house for her.

Here’s the pics of Santa’s elves fixing this up!

The undecorated doll’s house.

And WIPs

And the finished project

In this part of the world we celebrate Saturnalia on the 25th. So a very lucky little girl will be unwrapping this in a couple of days :slight_smile:


How lovely is that! It’s so nice to be able to apply the skills acquired from hobbying to make someone else happy :smile:


This is a fantastic story and great job. Compliments, she will be super happy!


I agree with Flagellant, it’s the best feeling when hobby skills carry over into other areas. Great work!


Awwwww man, so wholesome! Love you could transfer hard earned hobby skills into this amazing gift for your daughter.

Also doubles as an excellent Necromunda/Killteam board when she’s out on a weekend :+1:


A lovely (and familiar) story.

You guys have done an amazing job doing this for your little girl, really happy you encouraged her to buy it and I hope your wife is too.

I’m sure she’s going to love it, great job guys.

Merry Christmas


My dad used to make dolls houses, although he ran out of steam on making them once my sisters were too old for theirs. It’s more special when you make it and decorate it for your own family. I used to love looking through the magazines and catalogues long before I discovered Warhammer, there is something I find fascinating about the skill and craftsmanship in making miniature representations of buildings and cities, including things like railways.