Willmark's Chaos Dwarfs, Redux

As many might know (or not) I play 3rd Edition Warhammer. In that edition chaos dwarfs are an ally contingent and one can field quite a few chaos dwarfs as part of that force. So my plan is to keep my 5th-through 8th Chaos Dwarf force as is and split out my old school minis. Longer term I’m assembling an army for EVERY single one listed in Warhammer Armies but that’s going to take a while.

Here are all 24 chaos dwarf minis from the excellent Marauder line. I got these guys years ago and are part of my plan to clean my painting desk. Forgot who I bought them from on the old site, but as you can see they cam with some supremely well painted shields which I love! The standard bearer was painted by me for Golden Hat VI maybe as is the painting on the rest the minis, but shields are not my own. NOTE: next up for this is 20 chaos dwarf crosssbowmen (or which I have 17) and repainting the chaos dwarf tenderizer, still need a boar centaur for the whirlwind if anyone has one. Anyways on to the pictures:


Good to see the classics, I did not know anyone played any of the old editions anymore. When my daughter gets older I plan to take her through gaming from 1st ed through to 8th :hat:

Unfortunately my boar centaurs are pushing, Whirlwind, Tenderizer and Juggernaut… However I have seen one and a half of them on fleabay, I will PM you the links so that you may have a look. They are alot more expensive than they used to be, seems ebay is full of SWSNBN type people these days :mad:
Some prices ya sit back and think “F***! Is it solid gold?!?”


THOSE shields :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Came here to say exactly this @Bassman !


I know right? I can’t seem to find who sold them to me on the old site. It was sorta happenstance too. He was like: “you want the shields too?” I said “sure”. I hadn’t seen them prior mind you.

I also got 17 chaos dwarf crossbowmen at the same time, need 3 chaos dwarfs of the 2nd/3rd edition days to fill out the unit as the command group.

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@Willmark Would those crossbows be the ones from 1988?

There abouts:

As noted I got them as the same time as the chaos dwarf infantry. At the time I wasn’t really looking for either but the deal was too good to pass up.

Flash forward to the last few weeks and I decided it was time to clear them off the painting desk. They had been sitting that for at least 4-5 years.

This was in addition to finishing a dwarf mercenary force for 3rd edition:

And, 2 units of dwarf thunderers, 20 dwarf iron breakers and a dwarf wizard.


Yeah that looks about right according to this page…

Chaos Dwarfs - CcmWiki (collecting-citadel-miniatures.com)

I found 8 of them on fleabay, all from the UK, they range from $37-$41 AUD/ 20-23GBP
I also found 2 in my cupboard, Crossbow 5 and Crossbow 6, I would never sell them but could be persuaded to trade although I am not sure what country you are from, I am in Australia so shipping could be costly depending on where you are in the world.

You could use command models from fouraminiatures, macrocosm or titan games to fill them to 20?

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At some point I’ll get something done for them. I’ve painted so many dwarfs lately its not funny. Then add in I still have more dwarfs for a dedicated dwarf ally contingent.

So not sure when but will happen.

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Ahh I seem to have missed the part where you were actually looking for COMMAND GROUP models… my poor bleary eyes after staying up way too late painting, sorry mate. :frowning:

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Love seeing these classics. always (:

On what kind of base are you going to put the tenderizer? I have one too that I totally should paint (thanks for the reminder)

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SHIELDS!! OMG :shock:
so neat and well achieved!! :idea2: