Wood Elf without Elves Army

Late last year I decided, for the first time in well over a decade, to start a new army… Ogre’s of which, thanks to a loving wife, Christmas and my birthday has come along rather quickly.

A few days ago I am in a hobby shop grabbing some more paint when I noticed some discounted Warhammer models and revisit an old silly fantasy of running a Wood Elf army with no elves in it! And so I walk out with a starter box containing a Treeman, Branch wraith and 16 Dryads.

So the project begins… The big trouble with me starting new armies is I Absolutely DO NOT do AoS. 8th ed/End Times is it for me even though I do still purchase some AoS miniatures for my armies, usually this is fairly easy as GW still print alot of the old models and just slap new names on them. I have hit a bit of a hitch when it comes to Tree kin however, not sure what I would use for those and I wonder if anyone here has also tried this idea of having an Elfless wood elf army that would like to give advice on what models to use etc or even share some links to 3d models I could print for various units.

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Woodland host from blacktree might be good?

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