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Lovely lamp there @Reaver ! Top work on it.

Paint Your Tools

Being something of a handyman that people often turn to for help with simple manual labour, you could confidently classify me as a tool user. A colleague would rather have it as a slave, which is reasonable since I mostly work for free, all things considered. My hands will be active at tools, writing on keyboard or turning pages in a book most of my waking time.

Why not bring some joyful colour into the toolkit you’re going to use so much?

Even if your life will be filled with mass produced factory wares, you can still put a personal touch on some long-lasting things in your surroundings, as our ancestors have done since time immemorial. Crafting patterns and ornamenting things has a therapeutic quality to it, for good reason. Minimalist modern man is a pauper in regard to decorating his own stuff, compared to his forebears, though there are still places where people dare to pimp their rides, as evidenced by South Asian jingle trucks and Japanese dekotora trucks.

The idea to paint tool shafts was born after viewing through AMELIANVS’ late antique and medieval Roman artworks. This artist brings a great deal of lively period detail into garb and gear. Striped spear shafts appear on the famous mosaic of emperor Justinian, and provides a simple idea for upgrading the looks of common tools.

The means were provided after I was gifted left-over facade paints of various kinds, which were put to use first on homemade lightsabers and wooden toy weapons, and then on the tool shafts. Plastic and metal shafts have been spray painted.The recent set of tools painted this week were given a matt varnish spray as an experiment in endurance.

Yes, paint will fade, wear out, flake off, rust through and get dirty when you use the tools. That’s part of the charm and lifecycle. Viking runestones and classical Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Assyrian statues were also painted, yet all that remains now is the carved stone, seemingly eternal. As grey as an unpainted miniature collection.

I can recommend painting your tools in your favourite colour and colour combinations. I painted those I am going to use red and blue, the colours of Karak Norn, which are my Warhammer army colours and incidentally also the Carolean regimental colours of my landscape province.


I have to admit my mind went to a very different pubescent place when i started reading this post…

That said, i love decorating or restoring old tools i inherited from my father. He had tools that belonged to my grandfather, who had tools that belonged to his father. No idea how to use some, no use for many others as i have more precise or powered modern versions… but cant bring myself to get rid of them.


Perhaps use them as well decorations? Arrange them in some aesthetic way such as crossed tools or fans of tools? Build a throne of tools out of them?


That’s an impressive assortment of brooms.

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It’s all the brooms in our apartment house. They are spread out everywhere down in the cellar and outside the entrance doors.


Casually building some top shelfs for my desk from spare scraps so that one year later (after moving into the new house) I can start organising and use my hobby space. ^^


Aaand time to break in the new hobby corner with shelfs in place on top of the desk. Fits quite nicely if you ask me (had to blur what I’m working on though, 'cause it’s for the GH). :smile: