Word of Hashut - Issue #10

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Well, well, well, another issue of Word of Hashut, Booyah! But once again late ah well with everything that has happened to me as of late I’m going let it slide this time. I know, I know, just don’t tell anyone I said that: Oh wait this thing is on? Erm nevermind.

But wait, whats this I see? Damn it who was the slacking overlord that let the hobgoblins in? Not only did they get let in but it appears as if they have taken over the whole issue! Well we know what that means: I’m going to have to do some investigations, apply some force chokes and dark side slams as well. Now where is my light saber (looks at hobgoblin running off with it in to the depths…) Did I mention that this just hasn’t been my year? Red bladed light saber swiped by a lowly hobgoblin… Word of the da Hobboz indeed. When I find the culprit its hobgoblin latrine duty for a year in the deepest darkest parts of Zharr Naggrund!

All kidding aside enjoy the read everyone. We figured this time around that we would do something different and with Issue #10 being our first to reach double digits (Woo-hoo!) that this was the time to do it. As I note in my Editorial I had this idea a long time ago but finally the time was right. It was also the reason why there was that illustration a hobgoblin talking for the last 2-3 issues talking about a “take over”, now you know.

Well, enough of my blathering get busy downloading the latest and greatest issue of the Word of Hashut. Which in our humble opinion happens to be one of the best out there.

Until next time enjoy and see around the forum.


As with previous issues there are a few more ways to view the Word of Hashut:
FOR THOSE WITH LOW SPEED CONNECTIONS: you can access a low res (its around 19 megs) version here (caution it will look terrible if you print it from this file)
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