Word of Hashut - Issue #11

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This time around I’m going to go with the old adage that “it’s better late then never” for the Word of Hashut. This time around it wasn’t health issues that caused this issue to be late, but it was rather a combination of things: lack of time, late stuff getting in, and most importantly a lack of desire to actually produce this. During production I had a lot going on in my life and not as much time to do it. Plus I’ve been tinkering more with my blog and exploring that. Plus, I’ve been writing for my other interest AD&D. (I’m also a moderator over at www.purpleworm.org).

So what does this mean for my Chaos Dwarf plans and my army? Until I move to my new house there will be no updates on my army (should happen this summer- was supposed to happen last summe but life got in the way). However since I’ve recovered from last years illness I’m getting more of my Dawi Zharr interest back.

So with all that out of the way you’ll notice that the Word of Hashut is a bit slimmer this time around, and it’s going to get slimmer as we go forward. You’ll note inside I talk about it in my editorial. The reasons for this are many but time is probably the biggest factor. It’s not that we want to provide something less but I truly want to get these back on track. In order to do so some changes need to happen, again read inside as to why.

This time around we have another great Igorvet cover, and his last CD art for a while sadly so it’s fitting that it goes on the cover. Many thanks for the art over the years and looking back he’s done some great stuff. The next two cover artists are all set and the next one is already done.

So without any further delay here it is, the latest issue of the Word of Hashut and as always if we missed something let us know. Thanks for your patience as well during another long production cycle. However I will point out there are some errors in the Regiments of Renown section; as I do not have the source files I cannot correct them and will not try at this point; they are minor so just go with it :slight_smile:

Until next time enjoy and see around the forum.


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