Word of Hashut - Issue #12

Click here to download The Word of Hashut No.12! - Note, link broken!

Alas, we have waited for far too long to get this issue out, but thanks to a sterling effort by Thommy H to get this put together in a short period of time – it’s finally here! As Willmark mentioned with the introduction to issue #11, it is slimmer than before. To combat that happening in the future, let’s quit the WoH diet and get loads more articles in!
As always, the content provided is off a fantastically good standard and all great stuff to peruse. As a result, without further ado, I present to you: Word of Hashut #12 the Spring edition! Now all that’s needed is for you to download it and read…

Hashut’s Blessing

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Hrm, looks like the WOH issues were moved off the server to mediafire at some point, so I don’t see them in our files. @Willmark! Haaalp. :smiley:

I added the file to issuu at least. :slight_smile: