Word of Hashut - Issue #5

Click here to download The Word of Hashut No.5!

Welcome back fellow Dawi Zharr and those from further afar, it is that time again:
Time again for all of the lesser races (i.e. all those who are not chaos dwarfs) to bow before our magnificent! Errr… I’ll try not to get too carried away. :wink:

One year… who would have thought such a thing possible? This issue is a symbol, the culmination of an entire years work if you will and is a testament to the entire community
as whole. So what’s inside? I’m not going to give it away as there is plenty to read on the inside, so get downloading!

Again, sorry about the minor of a delay for Issue #5 of the Word of Hashut (I swear one of these times we are actually going to hit the release date specified). Tipping in at 104 pages
of awesome Dawi Zharr “goodness”. Beware this issue in its high rez format is 61.6 megabytes.

You’ll also note that the webzine is presented in two page spreads this time, that is because some of the awesome artwork is so big and so cool! It’s also is because we are not adverse
to trying out new ideas.

Down the road: Issue #6 is in the earliest planning stages as is the outline for #7 so if you want to submit something please contact me and let me know, from there Maul will take over and arrange for submissions. There is plenty of room available so get to work if you want in.

A special call out has to go out to Swissdictator who provided so much in terms of support for articles, and proofing. As well as someone to bounce ideas of of during the many layout sessions that I was up working on this till the very early in the AM.

Also major thanks to the entire Illustration Team, you will be hearing more from them in Issue #6 and beyond, so stay tuned for that.

So on behalf of the Word of Hashut team, please enjoy our efforts.

NOTE: As always for those with lower speed internet connections you can access a low res (its 15.9 megs) version here (caution it will look terrible if you print it from this file) wohissue5lr

Lastly, always if there is something we missed please let me know, with something this big its bound to happen ;).


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