Word of Hashut - Issue #7

Click here to download The Word of Hashut No.7!

Well not too bad, only a one week delay this time, perhaps next time we actually get it out on the right date. I know I’ve been saying that for how many issues now? Much like Issue #3 this issue was a bit of a grind as was last year’s winter issue, must be something to do with the Holidays or something.

You’ll find inside this issue one of the most quintessential grudge matches of Warhammer, ranking up there with Dark Elves vs. High Elves: that of Chaos Dwarfs vs. the kin that long abandoned them, the Dwarfs. Take a peak inside and check out the Battle Report and see just who got down to battling it out with the false Stunties of the west.

In what is also becoming another favorite of the ezine, Baggronor returns with another installment of Shadow and Flame!

Next up you can see that the cover artist is once again none other then igorvet! We had to invite him back to do another bang-up job. What these means is that I get to keep looking at the cover of Issue #8 all by myself and not share as it was the cover for this issue. Because we/I had to do some juggling it shifted to #8. So sit tight and prepared to be stunned by it… in March. :slight_smile:

As to the remaining content I wont spoil it but suffice of to say I hope that we stepped it up yet again in terms of the look at feel and made it better then the ones that came before. (File size is 73.9 megs and is suitable for printing)

Lastly despite the challenges I’m pleased with this issue and the effort that went into it. After being listed on YouTube via the On the Table segment by Beasts of War I knew we would have to deliver yet again, hopefully we did.

With that in mind our thoughts will be turning to #8 so if you have something you want to turn in please direct it to our Submissions Coordinator Maul He will take it from there and he and I will discuss the content and placement of your submission and any revisions that need be made.

As with previous issues there are a few more ways to view the Word of Hashut:

FOR THOSE WITH LOW SPEED CONNECTIONS: you can access a low res (its around 17.2 megs) version here (caution it will look terrible if you print it from this file)
Click here to download the Low Rez version of The Word of Hashut!

As I always say there will be something that we have missed so please let me know and we will get it corrected.


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