Word of Hashut - Issue #8

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Well you know the story, if we say its going to be out on X date… add two weeks to your time frame. All told not too bad as we got through the corrections in a timely manner. Also some of you who submitted some articles will notice they are not in this issue, never fear. This issue ran very long in terms of article length so it necessitated some changes. Once we get to around 100 pages in length for any issue I put the brakes on. But enough of the talk about deadlines and such!

Much like past issues of the Word of Hashut you will find tons of cool stuff inside and I’m not going to spoil it. There is one article that I’m especially proud of: the Arena of Death Part II. This is a redo of a old white dwarf article updated for 7th edition rules. I’m sure you’ll find the final combatants a surprise… we sure did. I’m sure its going to generate some “interest” from around the web.

Also of special note is that this time we used a lot of minis from around the web, I’ve tried my best to identify and properly label them all. If there is an error or something is miss-labeled let me know. Please keep in mind this was not done to intentionally slight anyone and at this stage we have contacted almost everyone whose minis appear that are not members of the site.

Special kudos to our cover artist Skink! whose art was bumped a few times in the process of designing the last two issues. So hats off to him for his patience and hard work: Many thanks Skink.

There is much more to this issue but I’ll leave it up to you to find. For this issue the main link is a file size is 91.5 megs and is suitable for printing.

As with previous issues there are a few more ways to view the Word of Hashut:

FOR THOSE WITH LOW SPEED CONNECTIONS: you can access a low res (its around 15.2 megs) version here (caution it will look terrible if you print it from this file)
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As I always say there will be something that we have missed so please let me know and we will get it corrected.

Special thanks to Swissdictator and Cornixt for helping with the proofing process.

So with that we close out our last issue before the next milestone: Issue #9 and the 2-year anniversary of the Word of Hashut. Wow, two years? Where did the time go?