Work not lurk: BATG 2022

OK, here goes. I really need to play a game with a painted army for once in my life.
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Painted: 0
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Love that title hahaha


Just to prove that I’ve done SOMETHING this month, here’s 3 things I almost painted, ranging from 90% done to about 60% done.

I’m not claiming points for any of it though, because they just aren’t there yet.


Oh and some sort of random construction that needs a LOT more work:

Still can’t take a decent picture to save my life though.

Incidentally, I’m relatively happy with the rest of it but I need to do some serious work on the platform itself so it looks a bit less crudely constructed out of plasticard and coffee stirrers. If anyone has ideas of how to do that then lmk because I’m a bit baffled about how.


A lot of rivets go a long way toward adding interest. Other than that maybe a bit of fence and a ladder?

Really liking the build so far. You’ve made great use of those parts to create something unique


I decided to attempt to make the thing look like after being towed into position, it rises up with pistons; my logic was that if you’re seriously going to try to spray people with magma then youd better start quite high because it’s not going to go very far! A guard rail would definitely come in handy, that platform is high enough to give a dwarf vertigo.

You had a tip for mass producing rivets on on of your threads, Reaver, but I can’t seem to find it. Was it one of the roller tricks?


This is interesting. Good ol archive

Here’s my take on it. It’s not a roll maker trick but it is another GSW product


Both really helpful ideas there. Thank you! Time to get some more gsw stickers then…