WTB 4th Ed slave troops

Hoping to find a few of these guys looking for 20-30 goblins 20 orcs 15-20 black orcs. Obviously hobgoblins as well would be great. Never fully finished the model range on the original run and kinda want to fix that. Don’t have eBay money for sure. Maybe willing to trade some chaos dwarf and or hobgoblin models I have extra odds of.

New to the new site but I was active on the old site about ten years ago. Was a facilitator/shipper on the first and second ever group buys on the old market place.


Hey Shef, I do know that I have the “Orc Command - Standard and Drummer”. Don’t think I think I have any others.
Where do you live as postage from australia can high-ish.

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Yeah I’ve shipped stuff to there in one of the group buys it’s pretty high, not as bad as the uk is now it feels like. I’m in Colbert GA

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