WTB - boars (old plastic orc ones)

These bad boys are going for 7-11 pounds each on eBay. If anyone has any going spare let me know. Happy to do trades or purchase of the price is right. :slight_smile:

I had the same issue trying to find the plastic wolves! Absolute nightmare.

I did just see this listing on evilbay and relatively speaking its not bad.

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Ebay has got monsterous these days, everything is way over normal expectations. Blacktree metalboars are nice though as a superior alternative. If its for conversions i totally understand.

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Yes that’s about as reasonable as it seems to get at the moment @Filmdeg haha. It’s in my watch list dude - cheers

It’s mostly because - well basically the head comes separate. So lose the head and you’re half way towards boar centaurs

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