WTB Devout Soulflayer (Chronopia)

Hi fellows

Only discovering the new forum now. I have not found any presentation section but i was a long time lurker in the old ones so i hope i don’t break any rule at the moment…

Long time ago, i saw some people on the previous forum suggest the use of the old Chronopia Devout Soulflayer mini as a K’daai destroyer

It was still available on Prince August’s shop not that long ago, but those days are over. Obviously, i’m only decided to get one now ^^

So i wondered if someone in this nice community had one they no longer used. If so, i’d be interested in it. Feel free to contact me if you have any chronopia stuff anyway.

Preferably within Europe (i’m in France) but all options will be considered.


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I have this guy who I’ve assumed was Chronopia

And No. You can’t have him.
And I also found out that this guy that I have (unpainted) is Chropian thanks to you
Chronopia Blackblood goblin Myrmadon