WTB Hrothgorn's Mantrappers - Warhammer Underworlds

A long shot, but Im looking for this set. Mostly the two riding Gnoblars to the right…

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I actually have a complete set of unbuilt Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers, with the cards and box even, but with no Hrothgorn himself.

Looking on ebay, I had no idea it was such a valuable set.

Unfortunately it’s currently somewhere I am not. I will next have access to it in April.

Perhaps we could work out a trade? I still need lots more chorfs to make an army


Cool, Im looking for them to do a conversion. So would only need the two riding Gnoblars to the right, "Luggit & Thwak. Currently Im not in possession of any CDs, other than 15mm Im afraid. Do you have any idea what shipping to Sweden would be?

Seems it would be about £4.

I’m also always looking for regular dwarfs, and I’m interested in most warhammer fantasy style minis.

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@Pyroven I found these models locally, ironically about 300 meters from where I live… :sweat_smile:
But thanks alot for your offer.