WTB various big hats

Dear friends,
I got a nice little backbone of big hats to complete my CD craziness ;-). In this collection there are some missing parts.
I am in need of:
Sorcerers/ heroes on foot (at least one each)
5+ Bullcentaurs
1 winged bull without rider (or with rider)
1 Lammasu sorcerer rider (have Lammasu )
All kind of banner poles especially of the earthshaker

Based in Germany.


I will have a look on my next break.
No Earthshaker Banner Poles, That is a definite.
And the caveat is that postage from here is steep.


I’ve decided to stop being greedy and keeping two of all the lords etc.
So far I’ve found…
Sorcerer Lord (Lammasu Rider) (and a Lammasu)
Both Heroes on Foot but no Banner Poles ( I’ve only got one of each complete myself)
I have a spare H’Thark Blood Bowl Bull Centaur.
I’ve just sold a Great Taurus but I’ll see if there is another spare.
No spare sorcerers on foot but I’ll find my painted 4th Ed and see what is there

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Thank you, A.
Edit: I pm you. We should check postage first, that could be an issue :slight_smile:

I realise you may not be after an ebay listing but I noticed this yesterday and it could be of use regarding the banner pole


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Thank you, much appreciated. No problem with eBay and mostly bits are not so expensive there, will have to look if the seller has something else.

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Would you mind to do your deals in another thread :wink: or maybe even with personal messages :-)?

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