WTS - Actual Real Hobgoblins

If you’ve got patience and a realistic budget, I’ve got Hobgoblins for you. Real, actual, Scythian-styled Phyrgian-cap 1990s Hobgoblins who don’t wear shoes or ropes.

I’ve got:
1 of the Hobgoblin axeman sculpts

6 of the Hobgoblin archer sculpts

All 3 Sneaky Git sculpts

Big Boss on foot
2 of the Boss/champion on foot sculpts
Musician with horn, standard bearer

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower and Crew (will need plastic wheels but I know a great, cheap supplier)

Of the wolfboyz, I’ve got -

2 of the axe sculpts
1 of the bow sculpts

(I don’t have wolves to go with these, so rider only)

Lastly, as a very special item, I’ve got the BC2 Manic Hobgoblin Hero. Google him if you like - great looking fellow with samurai-influenced armour and big horns on his helmet.

Message me if you would like to know more.


Do you still have any hobgoblins?

I’d be interested if any are still available.

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Yeah your the first bite. What do you have for trade?

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Sorry, mixed up threads