WTS - Actual Real Hobgoblins

If you’ve got patience and a realistic budget, I’ve got Hobgoblins for you. Real, actual, Scythian-styled Phyrgian-cap 1990s Hobgoblins who don’t wear shoes or ropes.

I’ve got:
1 of the Hobgoblin axeman sculpts

6 of the Hobgoblin archer sculpts

All 3 Sneaky Git sculpts

Big Boss on foot
2 of the Boss/champion on foot sculpts
Musician with horn, standard bearer

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower and Crew (will need plastic wheels but I know a great, cheap supplier)

Of the wolfboyz, I’ve got -

2 of the axe sculpts
1 of the bow sculpts

(I don’t have wolves to go with these, so rider only)

Lastly, as a very special item, I’ve got the BC2 Manic Hobgoblin Hero. Google him if you like - great looking fellow with samurai-influenced armour and big horns on his helmet.

Message me if you would like to know more.