WTS: BigHats / Sneaky Gitz + 80s

This is what I have:

from the older ranges, I’ve got:
Zelazad Hornhead - Sold
Doomaxe The Dreaded
Pulper Spikehead
Naurthang Blacksoul - Sold
Origol The Horrible
Ekalim The Mad
Baldrik Backbreaker

located EU for shipping purposes!
Offers via PM please.

How much for the lot?

And - from the bookshelf - one Chaos Dwarf Army Book, lovely condition

So if this is still available I’d love to purchase it.
I’ve sent a DM to discuss price.

2 dwarfs down!
Hats and Hobgoblins still available!


Are your figures still available? I’m interested by the standard bull centaur and the 10 warriors


Do you still have the bull centaur with axe (not the standard bearer)?
I was looking at my bulls the other night and turns out 3 of them are not originals but conversions… one was originally a blood bowl mini. Had a look on flea bay but they want in excess of $70 each not inc postage :sad: