WTS: BigHats / Sneaky Gitz + 80s

This is what I have:

from the older ranges, I’ve got:
Zelazad Hornhead - Sold
Doomaxe The Dreaded
Pulper Spikehead
Naurthang Blacksoul - Sold
Origol The Horrible
Ekalim The Mad
Baldrik Backbreaker

located EU for shipping purposes!
Offers via PM please.

How much for the lot?

And - from the bookshelf - one Chaos Dwarf Army Book, lovely condition

So if this is still available I’d love to purchase it.
I’ve sent a DM to discuss price.

2 dwarfs down!
Hats and Hobgoblins still available!


Are your figures still available? I’m interested by the standard bull centaur and the 10 warriors