WTS Chaos Dwarf Characters by Admiralty Miniatures

So, found these in a box and to be honest I can’t see myself ever painting metal miniatures again… And since they are currently “out of stock” at the AM-store Im offering them up here for same price as the store. There has been some questions for when to store will be restocked, and all I can say atm is that its coming as well as new sculpts. But not sure if its in a month or in a year… :grimacing:

The models have only been cleaned and had a thin wash for bringing out details for the store photos. Sculpts by @Fuggit_Khan & @Admiral


I’ll take the BSB and the mother!

damn i was shortly too late for the bsb, but i’ll take the pirate!!


Send me you adress Eddy, and Ill get back to you both via PM once Ive packed them. Might take a few days to get it sorted though. Life with a toddler… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Items sold and shipped. :blush: