WTS 'Eavy Metal Chaos Dwarfs Earthshaker Cannon

Good afternoon everybody!

As said on Discord, im in dire need of money, so i decided to sell one of my most valued pieces.

Its the Earthshaker you can see on the White Dwarf’s Presents Armybook for CDs. Not the same model, its the actual one you see in the photos there. Close inspection of details between photo and my models confirms it, but, also Neil Hodgson confirmed that as well.

I’ve contacted him a while ago to find some more infos about this pieces and he recognized his paint style on all my pieces (i also have the Death Rocket Launcher, painted by Neil as well. Published on the Armybook as well.)

So, im parting ways with one of those pieces, sadly. Since i need as much as possible. Now. Im not selling them for cheap. I need money but also these ar pieces of Warhammer history. Im parting ways with it only if the price is right. Im listening to any offers openly but yeah, consider all the above.

Im also open to trade this for MTG cards, and ill bother myself to sell them after if you dont want to actually spend too much money on these.

Its the only thing i ask. Thank you for reading all this shit!



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