WTS Frostgrave Cultists

After a series of negotiations with the ministry of interior (my wife), I’ve decided to part ways with my human cultists from Frostgrave. They won’t be a part of my armies, unfortunately.

I only opened the box to check that all 20 minis were on the sprue (they were). Otherwise, these bad bears are in mint condition and ready to die for your cause. I’m willing to just sell them, but I’m much more interested in trading.

What would I be willing to trade them for?

Just about anything related to chaos/evil/infernal dwarves! Minis you no longer need, extra parts of large models, or even a combination of monies and minis would be acceptable. I’m open to offers and would like to see the cultists sent to a loving home where they’ll actually be assembled, painted, and used. PM me if interested!