WTS Various Dogs of War

Alcatani Fellowship
Leopold’s Leopard Company
Pirazzo’s Lost Legion with both bow and pike option
Vespero’s Vendetta
Marksmen of Miragliano
Bearmen of Urslo
Oglah Khan’s wolfboyz

These are from old boxes which have been broken down into bags and in some cases, individual minis have been sold (like Oglah Khan himself). I will be selling all of them on eBay in time, but before that, you’re welcome to contact me.
I am happy to sell singles or larger units.



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Ohh that is right down my alley!
Can you PM me prices and number please?


handsome little fellows aren’t they? Not to my taste, but i’ve got like 12 of em.

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Do you still have the “Bear” from the bearmen, and if so, would you sell it separately?

How many of Oglah’s wolfboyz do you have left?

Could you PM me numbers and prices, please? :smiley:

So last night I kinda went on a spending spree and spent like $400+ on missing Warhammer Armies & Campaign/Expansion books I was missing from my 1st ed through to End Times collection, now I am only short on the 5 x 2nd ed expansions boxes, the 5 x 5th ed expansions boxes, Conquest of the New World from 6th ed, The Nemisis Crown from 7th ed & Monstrous Arcanum.
I am in a little bit of shit from the Minister of War and Finance who caught me in the act… I am going to have to squirrel some hidden gold aside over the next few weeks so I got some more “unknown play money” which puts me a bit behind the running on these :sad: