Xander's Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl Team

My brother got a Bloodbowl set a number of years ago, so I said I’d make a team. We never ended up playing a single game. :sweat_smile:

Now does seem like a good time to get back info this game. I should really find some opponents!


You should! Might need a Hobgoblin or two more though or a Minotaur?
Blood Bowl is by far the best GW game IMO, at least one that can be run competitive. There is a good scene in Canada as well, where do you live?

I live a bit north of the main population centers surroudning Toronto. There are some people who play locally.

I have a Minotaur, in point of fact! But I need to assemble and paint him!


@tjub Look at what you’ve made me do! :smiley:


Thats a sweat beast! :+1:
Got a friend with the same model in his Chaos Pact team(Gaspez). Wonderful miniatures…

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Thanks! Yeah, it’s a great Mino! Looking forward to painting him red. :slight_smile:

I should fix up the rest of the team now that my Minotaur is done. :thinking:



Red skin on the Minotaur looks class! Great work


Beautiful! Classic Xander paintscheme!

And some of these be-hatted CDs do sport masks, so this isn’t such a combo breaker after all. :wink:

Lovely bonkers hat extension on the middle lad there!

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Yeah, the masks are sweet. Haha, I had used the hat elsewhere, so it seemed like a good opportunity to make a QB of sorts!

Thanks @Oxymandias!


Yay team shot! Great work again Xander, these guys look ready to go, Chas Dwarfs always do well in BB too which is nice :grin::+1:t2:

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My first thought was a chant.
“C’mon you Reds”
Does that mean they are Liverpudlians?


Nah, red obviously means they play rugby for Wales.



Very awesome looking BB team Xander!! Absolutely love it! I have been thinking of doing a CD team recently but seems GW are no longer selling the team and fleabay wants a fortune for a team and they dont come with BC’s or a Mino! If anyone ever see’s some for sale or other options I would love to hear about it.


True, Chaos Dwarfs is one of the “missing” races that hasn’t been re-released yet. Still available though the Teams of Legend PDF supported by GW. And hopefully we will see them return with a plastic kit soon. So far from BB2016 GW has released roughly four teams a year, unless the pump out a load of new teams we shouldn’t have to wait that long… :smiley: