Xander's Dark Age of Sigmar Stuff

Similar in aesthetic to #inq28 , the Dark Age of Sigmar, or #AoS28 is the AoS equivelant.

Based on the work of Jake Ozga, I made some Swamp Aelves. :slight_smile:




Nice mini work.

With a name like ‘Dark Age of Sigmar’ I was expecting it’d be something set around the founding of the Empire which I’ve always envisioned as being somewhere between Celtic Britain and Dark Ages in aesthetic. ^^;

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There is certainly some of that, of you check out the Instagram hashtag. :slight_smile:

Very nice conversions and green stuff work on these. Definitely adds significant interest to the models, and combined with a well done paint jobs as well. Really like these. Cheers!

Thanks! You should check out Jake Ozga’s work. I was mimicking his awesome stuff. :slight_smile:

Yours look great and I when I first opened the thread I thought your stuff was his. I remember seeing Jake’s on Exprofundis site a while back. Really rad stuff all over that site.


Yep, that’s them! So cool. :slight_smile:

Yes! Amazing work Xander, I do really like the Dark Age aesthetic but haven’t had a go yet.

Have you anymore things in the works like this?

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Thanks! The closest would be my HeroQuest warband. But after that, nope. I should think of a new theme to explore!

Amazing aesthetic here @Xander - proper “dark age of sigmar” or “aos28”

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Thanks Oxy! :slight_smile:

I should add some more of my recent projects. :slight_smile:


Yes please! :smiley:


Normally I just don’t… me and elves… we, I, well I hate elves, sorry but the pointy ears must die painfully! But I love what you have done here! These look fantastic and coming from me that is a MASSIVE compliment as I have never EVER complimented ANYONE on elves before… ever! You have done an amazing job to get that out of me, bloody well done mate!

Also I saw the words “HeroQuest warband” For me Heroquest is where all of this started, got my 1st box set when I was so young I was not even a beardling and from there a book on fantasy which had a picture of a game called Warhammer which I immediately started searching stores for it, there was no such thing as internet ((as we know it)) back then. Hero Quest has always had a special place in my heart and always will so if you would be so kind I would indeed love to see your warband! :wink:

Also gives me an idea… anyone ever added Chaos Dwarfs to a game of Hero Quest? I might start working on a campaign …


Ooooh please do ! On thingiverse you can find chaos dwarf heroquest style minis to 3D print for free as well

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I really need to get me a 3d printer, been seeing a few very nice models out there! I think after my birthday which is also my wifes birthday and our wedding anniversary (very expensive time of year) I will be getting one. I been looking at the ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X.

I should be going to bed right about now or 2 hours ago but I dare say I am going to the Warhammer room and starting to write that HeroQuest campaign while inspiration is calling


Thanks so much! Dark Wood Elves are a cool thing to play with. :smiley:

Here’s the HQ warband:

HeroQuest is indeed the best!


Oh my they are fantastic! I was not expecting a full custom job, a very nice surprise indeed, you truly have a talent for awesomeness! :hatoff:

I have started writting for my Chaos Dwarf Hero Quest campaign and I would like to start a thread to track my progress if I may… What would be the most suitable place to start that thread? NVM, I think I can put that in Chaos Dwarf Discussions as it is about Chaos Dwarfs and other systems are welcome :smiley:

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Love it, great work Xander! :smiley: