Xander's HeroQuest WarCry Warband

HeroQuest was the game that started my love of fantasy miniatures. I’ve always wanted to make some kind of homage to this beloved game. So here’s a small Warband that I’ve been using to play some Warcry games.

The Warband of Morcar von Zargon!

Questions and comments welcome! :grinning:


Fantastic work so far!! Nice to see someone else is updating their HQ miniatures!

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For sure! HQ is the best. Cheers!

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These are so cool, great conversions!

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Thanks tjub! Much appreciated.

Really like the subtle palette you used on these. Nicely done!

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile: HeroQuest is the best!

Been adding some Goblins to this set!

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