Yedharo Models Bullcentaur


This looks like an absolute beast!!!

Very dynamic and brutal looking - I like it. But where is the BigHat?

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Considering he’s in the process of tripping over that rock I’d say it’s probably already fallen off.



Haha, now I cant unsee it… :slight_smile:

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Very nice! He does look like falling over, but clumsiness is a rather fitting trait for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chinstraps, people! That’s the secret of keeping a big hat on your head. And gyroscopic stabilizers!


Wow amazing model, the whole site is fantastic.

Even their ‘vanilla’ dwarfs would make cool chaos Dwarfs, I see of these landing on my desk in the near future :thinking:


Looks baller! I don’t understand why he is hugging the rock either.

I think it might be structural - it’s there to support the model so all the weight isn’t on the hind legs.

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Fair enough, but like this it does indeed look like he is stumbling :thinking:

But overall it is a fantastic sculpt!

It does look very good.
Just not my size.

Definitely based on the newer forgeworld style bulls ain’t it. In looks and scale. May get one of that style one day but if I did ittd be hero of some kind and use my centaurs (old school blood bowl ones) as the standard centaurs.

Didn’t notice the pose first of all but since reading these comments it’s all I can see now :thinking:- its a really curious choice