Your dad sells Avon and an off topic showcase

Hope this is in the right place, but on advice of a member of the forum I decided to start a showcase for all things un-chaos dwarfy, no tomb kings to show yet (sadly) but I hope you can enjoy this model all the same .
Who do that voodoo? This guy do that voodoo.

First time sculpting a gut on ogres but fairly happy with how it turned out!

I will also start this thread off with a “state of the hobby”, essentially outlining what I have to paint/convert/buy, mostly for my own sanity so that I don’t get bogged down in the many projects I have running at any given time :joy:

Ogre kingdoms
Mostly painting my models, a good chuck still need to be stripped.
I want to convert at least 1 more butcher, namely a heavens butcher, I have some plans but right now this one is very much in its infancy
If I were to convert a second butcher it will be a beast themed one, no plans yet, but it’s on the cards at least
I need to get some sabertusks for that sweet sweet march blocking/charge redirecting/warmachine hunting. I have spied the ones from hrongroths mantrappers as a likely candidate.

Tomb kings
God these are a nightmare to get hold off, to finish off my list I have in mind, I need
*3 necropolis knights
*A hierotitan (norba minis is looking good for this)
*6? Chariots, I believe
*5 mounted archers
*Around 20 more archers
Not really much to say around converting here, gonna look mostly standard across the board

High elves
A fairly recent acquisition, I accidentally won them on eBay for really cheap, so I’m running with it, the army is in its infancy so unsure of directions to go with it, I’m definitely grabbing some phoenix guard for sure though

Well that wraps it up, thanks for reading!


“Your Dad Sells Avon” caught my attention and I immediately finished the lyric with “smells of Elderberries and Your Mother was a Hampster”.

Love the Voodoo Ogre


Another state of the hobby! (will get some pictures up when I get a chance)
Ogres: I now have a beasts butcher, it’s pretty passable as a heavens butcher so honestly another conversion is kind of off the table at the moment.

High elves: big movement in this army, I know have the island of blood, plus a BSB, 2 bolt throwers, and 20 phoenix guard (finished building the first 10 today) with 7 more reavers, 32 more archers, and 32 more spearmen en route to me. Starting to get a sizeable force together for them.

Tomb kings: it’s with a heavy heart I have to say goodbye to these guys, good friends of mine have some more tomb kings and are looking to collect them, and I feel they will collect dust under my stead, so they will still go to a loving home.

New armies: I like making a rod for my own back, so I got 2 new armies together (someone help me)
Wood elves: small force ATM , finished up 16 glade guard with 14 more en route. Have some ideas for where I’m going with these guys, likely big block of eternal guard, then throwing in some wild riders for taste.
Bretonnia: this was purely an impulsive purchase, I found 20 knights and 15 men at arms incredibly cheap and I couldn’t say no to them. Direction is lacking, although I know I want to convert up some questing knights, but from there, who knows?

Thanks for reading this block of text, I’ll try get some pictures of the more interesting stuff once it’s done! Army wide shots should come when I paint stuff! At some point…


I’m here with pictures???
Started using oyumaru to recast some bretonnian parts so I can have some rather cheap questing knights, behold the unit champion!

Parts are as follows for anyone who wishes to recreate these:
Empire knight body
Knight of the realm legs (comes attached to the body, so minor cutting and sanding required)
Empire Greatsword arms (will probably require some degree of gap filling)
Empire? Head (can’t say for certain which kit, I just found it in my bitzbox)
Knight of the realm horse.
Thanks for taking a look and C&C welcome!
(Message to Mods, please advise me if this sort of post is not welcome, I understand that recasting parts can be a touchy subject, happy to work with you guys to make sure no one gets into any trouble :slight_smile: )