Zanko`s Chaos Dwarf Mordheim Warband

I created this Mortheim-Warband several years ago, but I still love the Diorama and the miniatures!

My other Chaos Dwarf projects are =>


Wow, forgot about this! Really cool and epic display you’ve created. :slight_smile:

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Really lovely. The chariot/cart/mobile gun thing looks great… what is it?

This chariot is from Confrontation. The model was OOP but since several years you can buy the old Confrontation models at Cadwallon.


Amazing Zanko! Always loved you eclectic collection of all minis and this is a great way to display them

Forgive me I this has been asked before, how did you make it? Is it from scratch?

Many thanks for the compliment!

I built the diorama myself. The wall sections are from Scotia Grendel and the tree is from GW.
The Chaos Dwarves and the war machine (Rocket Launcher) are from Do Odd Miniatures, the Bull Centaurs from Gaspez Arts, the warwagon from Confrontation and the Minotaus from Black Tree Design.


The Diorama and Warband are great and I really desire some of those models for me own collection

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I can understand you well, the Do Odd models are really great. Unfortunately this guy doesn’t sell models anymore, on eBay you could get his models for quite some time (but it’s been a few years ago). The last time on CDO he was online in July 2012.

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