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So I have painted nothing but chaos dwarves and few hobbos since April of last year. I have never painted so much…so fast. Loved it (still ongoing), I have the old cdo site for getting me started and the new discourse site really encouraging me to greater things and allowing me to interact with so many other man children that love nothing more that short evil bearded dwarves (beer aside and possibly the other half once a month (if you are married)).

I threw my toys out of the pram when 40k 2nd edition turned into 40k 3rd edition where everything in my eyes was ruined. I sold stupidly cheaply all my 40k stuff or gave it away and focused on fantasy. Never to go back…unless gw redid squats…

Sadly, joining the Facebook squat group and seeing a bunch of nice new models available in old school style has caused me to part with yet more precious money.

I just started painting a few of these guys but have found it a struggle. Chaos dwarfs are just my thing, everything else is hard work. I’ll post my progress soon in some daylight.

I have lost my hobbie space, my bedroom and my sanity due to leaking radiator pipes caused by shit plumbing and trying to paint models has been rough in various dark places. However I wanted to share my latest discovery- daylight lamp! Wow …never knew they existed. Here is my gym with no other light at all, pitch black outside.


Had a bit of a snag though and the lead didn’t quite reach the socket and broke the model I was painting in 2…sniff… :angry:

At least I can now paint in the darkness with no other light. Probably old news to the pros here but some might not know.

Some meaningful progress to follow, I hope to follow up with random other stuff in between chaos dwarves.


What I’m hearing is, buy that lamp.


Get the lamp chitz. £25 on amazon. I will be able to paint in the dark now



These are glorious! Especially the exosuits!