1st Forge hobgoblins (STL)

Spotted by Beus Fets on our FB group and brought to my Attention by @Iceman


Thanks for posting

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These are pretty damn nice!

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They do look really cool, Wich I had the space for a printer… :sweat_smile:

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nobody has room… you make room :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are defenetly not the best quality ever, they are wonky and derpy.
But there are even negative aspects to it xD

Joking aside, they are ok, quite diverse in the poses and the price is modest.
:hob01: I think they will perform better on a lower scale in this case


Haha, well I literately dont have any room for it… Dont really want to keep it under the bed or in the kitchen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily this community is having a growing list of members with printers that would happily print stuff for other members at low prices! :grinning:

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