28mm Dwarf of Fire Canyon, sculpted by Rozmax

28mm Dwarf of Fire Canyon, sculpted by @Rozmax and sold by Russian Alternative


@Rozmax also sculpted some Evil Dwarfs sold by Trollforge, though no longer available.

@Rozmax also sculpted “Kaosnicks Hobgoblin Hero” which were sold by @PyroStick.


@Rozmax Just ordered two bull centaur heroes today!


Love @Rozmax 's sculpts, I was delighted to find out late last year that his sculpts had been getting produced and sold! I remember Rozmax from the old forum and was so proud to see a CDO member going pro :hatoff:

I had a heap of trouble with Paypal trying to get some but was eventually able to find another way about and used credit card via ebay to make my purchase… I got some double handed weapons to see how they would be and RA gave me a character with whip (dwarf of fire canyon 4) for a present. I was absolutely delighted when they arrived down here in Australia all the way from Russia and will definitely be getting some more sent, brilliant models and I highly recommend them. If anyones been looking and trying to decide I can say they are well worth it! Great sculpts Rozmax!!

Sorry to dig up a 8 month old post but when I saw this I just had to say how happy I am with these models and anyone here who does not have any of Rozmax’s work really should be grabbing some.

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