28mm Maghmôrin Dwarves, sculpted by LKMinis

These are an expanding range sculpted by Adrián Perez Montejano aka @LKMinis. Cast and sold by Lost Kingdom Miniatures.



Correct me if I’m wrong these could potentially be STL file only in the near future? Especially if currently out of stock

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You might find this post interesting :wink: We talk about that.


Those are the best CD alternative out there.


I see these are on ebay now by an australian company. I thought these guys were discontinued

Certainly not discontinued, but many products were out of stock last time I checked. And LKM will move all its stock to digital files only, no more resin castings. I’ve no idea if that has happened yet (out of the loop).

The Australian company probably retail some kits since earlier, or grabbed some to sell for a pretty penny since people couldn’t find the wares anywhere else.


Well, they are back with some mind-boggingly beautiful models. In many, many ways, I like them more than the forgeworld ones. They are every assyrian dwarf dream I ever had.

Except these are not minies anymore, only 3D digital models to be downloaded and printed at home.

So those of you who own a 3D printer, go crazy.

Edit: take a look at the lizardmen too, you might faint like I did.


Yeah agreed - they are what big hats would be in a new warhammer aesthetic - very beautiful

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A 200$ 3d printer, some resin and time will get these printed for you :sweat_smile: still cheaper then forgeworld :yum:

I have to say, the paintjob on these is just stunning!

Also… I’ll have to get some of these that I don’t have yet :grimacing:


I mean… the standard bearer makes mine look like I just started painting and did my first model ever…

But then again… these probably took much longer to paint!

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This is scarily true hahaha


Some of these models are jaw droppers!! I am going to have to have a look into them, brilliant models! So glad I got a printer on the way from Sydney! :smiley:

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