9th Edition Ork Project

So the smaller option of Patrol games in 9th Ed 40k has got a few of us a little motivated for 40k again do I’ve busted out some Greenskins…

…part of the Prophecy of the Wolf set, which means the great Ghaz is on the way :grinning:


Cool, Ill be doing some Freebooterz myself… :smiley:
That looks so good! Great skintones.

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Cheers @tjub, be great to see your Freebooters :+1:t2:

In an effort to keep things interesting my thoughts are Ghazkull has got the best from each clan to be his retinue so the Nob squad from the box will be a mix of Bad Moon, Goffs, Snakebites, Deathskulls and Freebooters! I’m looking forward to painting the pirate :grin:

Also the skin is from a great tutorial I found…


A bit more progress on Bad Moon boy


Awesome orks,

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Cheers @Freakshow668

All finished for now

Next one is up, making a starter Patrol Force for 9th based on the stuff I had from the Prophecy Box and what I had lying about

Just for fun :grin:

Ghaz in a combat patrol? Ouch :sob::sob::sob:
At least my Grey Knights would outnumber someone for once though :wink: