9th Edition Ork Project

So the smaller option of Patrol games in 9th Ed 40k has got a few of us a little motivated for 40k again do I’ve busted out some Greenskins…

…part of the Prophecy of the Wolf set, which means the great Ghaz is on the way :grinning:


Cool, Ill be doing some Freebooterz myself… :smiley:
That looks so good! Great skintones.

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Cheers @tjub, be great to see your Freebooters :+1:t2:

In an effort to keep things interesting my thoughts are Ghazkull has got the best from each clan to be his retinue so the Nob squad from the box will be a mix of Bad Moon, Goffs, Snakebites, Deathskulls and Freebooters! I’m looking forward to painting the pirate :grin:

Also the skin is from a great tutorial I found…


A bit more progress on Bad Moon boy


Awesome orks,

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Cheers @Freakshow668

All finished for now

Next one is up, making a starter Patrol Force for 9th based on the stuff I had from the Prophecy Box and what I had lying about

Just for fun :grin:

Ghaz in a combat patrol? Ouch :sob::sob::sob:
At least my Grey Knights would outnumber someone for once though :wink:

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Yes as @tjub mentioned elsewhere I may have got a little distracted… still loving the hobby though :grin::man_shrugging:t2:


Wonderful Orks! Ive yet to start mine, but I kinda wait and hope for GW to redo their Squats. Given the “teasers” in the last books… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :exploding_head:


I’ve heard that too :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:
I like the new Combat Patrol System, 50 power armies aren’t that big so if something new like squats came out I wouldn’t feel like if have to get rid of this and just pick one army like you I might with 100power/2000points, I like that I could have a couple of different choices at 50 power have some great crusades with each one and maybe choose one to take up to 100 or something :man_shrugging:t2:

EDIT; although I’ve got to add I’m not a massive fan of the FW squats :grimacing: makes me a little worried about what they might do with them…

Jupp, we’ll have to wait and see… Ive always been a huge fan of the originals, they were my first miniature love with Chaos Dwarfs and Squats as my “introduction armies” back in the early 90s. Looking forward to try Crusade as well, just haven’t had the time yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Coming really late to this blog- how did I miss it?! Looks class!

Love the blue tones mixed in within the greens of the skin. I tend to go for yellow/green as opposed to blue/green for ork skin but I really like this effect. Outstanding.

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Many thanks

I’m a big fan of Incubi Darkness, when I saw a tutorial using it for Ork skin I was all in :grin:

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Batch painting underway, legs all done :+1:t2:

Bodies up next

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