Ghrask Battles against the Grey 2021

A place to keep a log of all the successes and failures of my Battle against the Grey 2021, alongside each I’ve listed how many there are and how many of those are painted

Painted/Total minis in Project

Warhammer 40k

Dark Angels
25pl 14/14 - Completed
50pl 14/28

Orks Orks Orks Orks

Kill Team

Age of Sigmar

Chaos Dwarfs
1000pts 35/35 Completed
1500pts 1/48

Dominion Box

Adeptus Titanicus

Precept Maniple Battleforce Legio Mortis

Blood Bowl

Halflings 2/13
Orcs 5/14
Humans 1/14
Orcland Raiders 3/14

The Lord of the Rings

Escape from Goblin Town 1/56

Star Wars Legion

Empire (Mandolorian Theme) 7/16

This is everything I currently have lined up to paint and though I’ll post pictures in their own their threads for progress I’ll be coming back to look to mark these off as I go along and track my Battle against the Grey

Completed Projects


This is a very cool idea! I am a little ashamed of how many greys I have … so many, so so many.
I really need to do another one of those diary of a painter thingy’s again, only ever did one but it was good cuz I actually got some stuff painted.

How it worked was a bunch of people got together and pledged 1000 points worth of models to paint up over a period of time, for very vague memory it may have been 3 months, or was it 4 weeks… anyways there was intervals (I think 4??) where you would show your progress to the others and by the end you had 1000 points painted and a bit of fun with mates along the way.

@Deebo thats sort of what battle against the grey is about, except the “You should paint X points” part. That could be a personal goal ofcourse.

For me the goal is to at least paint as much as i add, but if possible double what i paint vs what i have.


It is a great idea, thank you @HashutsBlessing for raising the banner on this particular project and I thought it be nice to have one place to track rather than across multiple threads.

I must admit a little daunting to see it all layed out like this, I’ve just updated the first post to have a total tracker and a project tracker too because I think it’s an extra boost to confidence to see a completed project ticked.

It’s nice to have to limit the projects I add to this and also to see easy fixes (will definitely be turning to some Blood Bowl teams to bolster those numbers)

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Updated with new 50pl Dark Angel list to do :man_shrugging:t2:


Of course haha. My PaintSlam (very similar to battle against the grey) had “finish slaanesh and make a Roman army” so obviously I started a brettonian mordheim warband and a new CD fantasy army :see_no_evil:


Oh dear, whilst contemplating picking up the new Dominion box it drew me to update this thread. What an eye opener it was too, I really don’t need more projects to do :man_facepalming:t2:
I’ve updated some of the projects above to include Titanicus and 40k Orks, some updates on the threads too

That may have sealed the deal for me not picking up this new box :cd1991gif:

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Id like to see you paint the hobgrots so i vote to ignore common sense and be greedy!


Thanks Zodd, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear :wink::grin:

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Aye, listen to your inner Dawi Zharr!



I’m going to see what this announcement is tomorrow and go from there.
Nice to be able to leave it that late and still be able to get stock

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Always listen to your inner Dawi Zharr! :hashut1:


Just went down to my local comic book shop, they have the demo minis out to see in the ‘flesh’…damn it those new orcs are amazing


Chaos Dwarf numbers updated

Now to think of next month’s project, I really enjoyed painting that Goblin Town mini :thinking:

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Good news is 1000pts (just over) of Chaos Dwarfs painted :partying_face:

Bad news is I’ve added a 2 new purchases, Kill Team and Dominion boxes :man_facepalming:t2:


Badge granted :facepunch:t2:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:

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@Oxymandias :partying_face: many thanks, pics on the way soon, not sure I can post them yet :thinking:

@tjub I know right, Dominion was an accidental purchase too :grin: I heard take of scalpers wanting off load it on discord so I low balled on offer in a got it, genuinely didn’t expect to get it as cheap as I did


Looking back on this I must say I’m much happier with the new painted vs bought setup for 2022

As fun as this was, straight away looking at it it’s easy to see where an overthinker gets lost in all the plan and projects above.

Obviously these projects will still be there and still play a part in 2022 BATG buts it’s already so much easier just to think of it just as painted vs bought. I’ve had a lot of success this year in the couple of months where I gave myself a monthly goal to complete so that is also going to be there going forward.

Healthy family, healthy mind and healthy hobby, this is all just for fun for me after all. That’s the goal

Looking forward :hatoff: :hashut1: