Grim Dark Chaos Dwarfs

Over on OnTableTop (formally Beasts of War) there is currently a Spring Clean challenge running where we are encouraged to pick and old project and bring it to life, so I thought it an opportunity to revive some dastardly duardin and add a new blog to our new community here on discord.

I’ll be uploading a project over there later tonight but thought I’d throw a few things up here before that.

So it begins…

I’ll be doing the board up too, like a bit of display piece.

There’s a fair size army in there which means a good bit to go through. I decided I wanted a scheme that would be quick and easy and as I mentioned to @Xander I’ve been looking forward to giving grim dark/blanchistsu/AoS28 whatever you want to call it a go.
One afternoon later I’m happy with the final result of my test mini, both with the final result and the amount of time it took…

All in all it was great looking through these again, I’m hoping I can get a bit of momentum going now while there’s so much time in the house to do it, although knowing my history my hopes aren’t high :grin:

Oh and one more thing, as nostalgia was in the air there was only one way I could dress today


Yay, and welcome back… In the proper way. :wink:


Thank you kindly :grin:

The white armour is so different to the go to blacks and reds. Really nice scheme. Also weathering on armour is very well done.Look forward to seeing more!

(Ps they’ll look even better with massive hats :stuck_out_tongue:)


Expert weathering! Looking forward to the war machines to match!


By Hashut. I’ve never been a great admirer of the LoA’s style, but painted like this, it looks absolutely beautiful. Capital work! I’m looking forward to seeing this project progress.

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What @Antenor said! The paintscheme is really unique and works so well on those LoA models.

It’ll be interesting to see this develop! I like the look of Inq28 stuff (I’m a big fan of Inquisitor 54mm scale tbh) but the whole Blanchitsu conversion thing, some people pull it off so well. Sadly I’m not one of them! Tagging on with AoS/WFB Blanchitsu, I’ve not seen too much of it personally, so looking forward to seeing it complete. Good luck!

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That test mini looks so awesome. Well done! Cool t-shirt as well!


Thank you guys.
This is my first try at that painting so loosely so I’m still getting used to it but must say again I’m really enjoying it, glad you guys are liking seeing something a bit different.

Speaking of which, reinforcements have arrived!

Thinking of mixing it up and either doing a Bull Centaur or Magma Cannon next :thinking: any thoughts?



Very cool, obviously great weathering on an unusual color scheme, I like it a lot

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Really impressed with these. The armour is absolutely class.

I’d be interested to see centaurs as the FW models (I’m assuming you are using?) are less armoured and more fleshy. Like to see how you interpret them.


This is definitely awesome.
How did you proceed? With oil colors/ weathering /white spirit or only acrylics?

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Thanks guys!

@Oxymandias Yep all forgeworld for this one, I’ve been staring the Bull Centaurs for a little while now wondering what to do with them, I have a couple of ideas but I do want to make sure that the fit in with the rest of the army. I have an idea to denote rank with the infantry models so I need to think how that will effect things like the Centaurs and Sorcerer’s :thinking:

@TheHoodedMan thanks again, although I do have some alternate products from MIG and AEG I unfortunately don’t have any spirits at the moment (and doesn’t look like I’ll get any soon) to use with them so this is all acrylic and all GW. I use an airbrush for the base coat but aside from that I think it is all very accessible, so much so I think the next time I do some infantry I may do a step by step on the white armour.

I’m trying to decide at the moment if I should change it up and do something different like the BC or artillery I mentioned or just push on and get 10 of these all done, I usually struggle to stay focused on one thing to the point where I need to change it up but this time I’m enjoying them so much I’m not sure I need to :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks. Amazing results. Interesting to see with how many different ways similar looks can be created.
From my point of view i’d recommend doing 10 of them. Much more satisfying if you reach unit strength.

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As the BC have a lot of exposed flesh, maybe denote rank on them with tattoos/warpaint?

Could also use warpaint as a way to keep them a similar colour to the rest of the army; have flesh colour in the recesses but have the raised areas painted like the armour of the infantry.

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That’s a very cool idea @Lord_of_Uzkulak

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@TheHoodedMan I think your right, might be getting to 10 will feel like more of an achievement before the monsters I have as a reward

When I do get to the monsters though @Lord_of_Uzkulak they are definitely getting tattooed, great idea! The white I use is pallid wytch flesh so like you said that will be the highlight for the flesh and bring them together with the others in the army but with different shading will look suitably flesh like. I have a few other things up my sleeve which should bring them together too.

Although the next part of the project kind of took me by surprise, I was setting up the trampoline for the boys outside when I thought I’d make the most of a sunny day and look to make a start on the display board as it needed a bit of tlc to bring the details back.

Starting point

So as you can see the skull details were blocked up by flock.

Wasn’t on my own soaking in the sun :grin:

So started with hot soapy water and some soft and hard wire brushes

And after 2-3 passes we had some detail back

Didn’t expect to get that done today so I’m happy I’m a step closer to a finished project :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Just WOW! Loving your paint scheme, and the weathering is stunning! This army is going to look amazing!

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Many thanks @Jackswift

Just a few finishing touches, should have a proper update tomorrow…


Wow! Nice striking patterns :slight_smile:

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