Adeptus Titanicus -Legio Mortis

Hey hey,

Been wanting to get some paint on these Titanicus models since they were released and the latest Maniple boxed set finally got me to pull the trigger

After much…much :unamused:… deliberation on which faction to choose I ended up on Mortis just for the fluff, the OG dark mechanics and the dudes who sided with Horus sealed the deal.

Though ended up being influenced by Nurgle and covered in all grandfather’s favours I wanted to place mine after the Heresy but before going full Nurlge. So there will be a bit of extra weathering and such as we go along.

So got some test pieces done to check the schemes…

…to nail the main colours

Onto the first mini

Feeling like we are ready to roll


I love it. They’re looking menacing.

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Awesome stuff, love the weathering.

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Cheers guys :vulcan_salute:t2:

Big day today, got all the silver base coated and washed, started some rust washes too


Getting some panels on the big guy…

… trim is just the base coat, I’ve left painting the gold trim until it’s all on so I don’t waste time painting stuff that’s not seen, there is a lot that gets hidden on these guys

Also guys I cannot recommend this paint enough, it’s one of the most Chaos Dwarf paints out there and everything on the trim your looking at in the picture above is one coat of this…

Decayed Metal from Scale 75


End of June, not sure I mentioned it here but I had a little target to be gone by now so time for a bit of retrospective.
I’m definitely happy with how far I got through, I think if the weather had been a bit nicer to me (by being bad and not giving me all this time to clear the garden) I would have got a lot further but still would not have finished, not that I’m disappointed in that. I only set these targets as a bit of a push to help me finish something, I’m never going to beat myself up for not hitting it.
These minis are so much fun and very easy to paint it’s not been a bother at all to get some what I did so I’m still very much looking forward to carrying on.
I was definitely right to paint all the silver ‘skeleton’ parts together but I very much underestimated the panels. Thought I could do all the black paneling and gold trim for all the titans then move onto the red but it was a lot more than I expected, I think it’ll be a lot more enjoyable from this point on to actually go from Titan to Titan now.
So I’ll finish up the big lad completely, then go for Warbringer Titan then I think I can do the last 2 together to finish it off.
I am going to start tonight/tomorrow an organic mini just to do in a day, have a to little break from big machines, then back to it for July